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“I had always thought of a hookah that would stay safe even when falling over...”

My name is Indrek and I built HEKK out of my own need. There were situations, where my traditional hookah fell over and ruined the floor or the carpet. So I designed a hookah that prevents these situations. During the process I found out how easy it is to take my HEKK with me anywhere I go. And we handcraft each and every HEKK. If my story makes sense, find out more or delight yourself with your personal HEKK.

Our Journey


HEKK came to be when Indrek was on a snowboarding trip, back in 2007, to the “mountains” of Southern Estonia. He is a mad hookah lover who got this itchy feeling that something is missing while sliding down the slopes. So HEKK was born – a hookah that’s ultraportable and sturdy enough to survive a trip around the world.
The journey of HEKK continues, and we welcome you to be a part of it!

How does it feel so far?




Indrek Kuusk

The guy who leads the way

Olaf Vaher

The sales guy

Reino Kuber

The media guy

Andrus Kuusk

The production guy

Tarvo Metspalu

The production guy